Ypsilanti Community High

Gia Jones
Site Coordinator


2095 Packard St,
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Gia Jones is a woman of words. From an early age she became enthralled with the world of words and storytelling. Now as an adult she is still an avid reader but her love for words has expanded beyond books. As an alternative educator she has worked primarily in urban environments working to promote and broaden the multicultural history and stories of the communities she works with. This belief in the importance and value of seeing oneself within the resources and tools used in educational settings lead Ms. Jones to return to school to obtain a Masters degree in Education with a focus on mulitcultural education and curriculum development. She continues to use this focus and skill set as an educator for an after school program where she focuses on creating learning opportunities centered on critical media studies and soft skill development.

Program Description

Eastern Michigan University Bright Futures, is an after-school program that aims to create a seamless school day. Students are provided with opportunities to set, and achieve goals inside and outside the classroom.

Bright Futures uses a variety of methods to do so including:

dedicated study time, project-based learning, SEL activities, and much more. Bright Futures is more than just a program, we are a community with roots within the Ypsilanti community. We work together with our partners to support students as they define what success means to them and work to achieve it.