Ypsilanti Community High

Beth Cable
Site Coordinator


2095 Packard St,
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

After living in Seattle for 15 years, Beth Cable returned to her roots in Michigan and became a part of the EMU Bright Futures team. She has a passion for understanding how each individual learns and equipping them with tools and soft skills to help them reach their goals inside and outside of the classroom. She’s been a high school teacher, a site coordinator for the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program, a mentor, and a coach. She strives to build safe spaces for students to make connections, explore their potential, and participate in new experiences so they build confidence in their ability to learn and grow. 

Program Description

Eastern Michigan University Bright Futures, is an after-school program that aims to create a seamless school day. Students are provided with opportunities to set, and achieve goals inside and outside the classroom.

Bright Futures uses a variety of methods to do so including:

dedicated study time, project-based learning, SEL activities, and much more. Bright Futures is more than just a program, we are a community with roots within the Ypsilanti community. We work together with our partners to support students as they define what success means to them and work to achieve it.