Wayne Memorial High

Molly Berwanger
Site Coordinator


3001 4th St
Wayne, MI 48184

Molly is a certified teacher in English and Sociology.  She attended University of Michigan for both her undergraduate degree (Social Anthropology) and graduate degree (Education).

She has been with EMU Bright Futures at Wayne Memorial since 2011.  Molly’s favorite clubs to run are Real Talk, Culture Club, Creative Writing, and Fashion, for it allows her to share all of her passions with her students. Molly looks forward to incorporating more Social Emotional Learning into the program, as well as promoting a post-secondary degree.

Program Description

Wayne Memorial High School Bright Futures is a safe, creative, and fun after school program that emphasizes academics, youth voice, growth mindset, and social emotionalLearning.

Every day, students attend a club of their choice.  Clubs focus on arts, leadership, culture, recreation, and STEM.  Some of the arts programs are crafts, playwriting, acting, creative writing, and photography.  Leadership options include real talk and leadership committee.

Cultural clubs include sign language, culture club, anime, cultural cooking.  Recreational activities focus on team sports, cards and board games, schoolyard games, dance, and yoga.  Lastly, STEM clubs centers around rollercoaster tycoon, mad scientist, detective club, and lego challenges.

Most clubs include academic components–usually integrated into club activities.  However, there is also a focus on homework and classwork.  Each day, students participate in homework time.  During this time, students study, complete homework, practice soft skills, research colleges, and scholarships, and prepare for job interviews.

The program begins every day with both mindfulness and community building activities. These activities help promote our safe and friendly culture, as well as increase our understanding of social-emotional learning.  We strive to increase students’ ability to work in teams, manage emotions, take initiative, be more responsible, use problem-solving skills, and focus on empathy.  This year, numerous students formed a leadership committee in order to promote SEL and creating a more youth-centered space.

WMHS Bright Futures has three family events per year, and they always include dinner and usually a student-led show.  In addition, Wayne-Westland Bright Futures coordinates additional family events throughout the year, such as our Lights-On gathering and August Back to School Dinner. Parents and guardians are encouraged to join our BF Family Committee to help plan these events throughout the year.

Our program runs through the school year, with an additional six weeks in the summer.

During the school year, we meet Monday-Thursday 2-4:30 PM in the lower commons.