Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary

Kaylin Keyes
Site Coordinator

36075 Currier St
Wayne, MI 48184

I am Kaylin Keyes and I am the Site Coordinator at Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary in Wayne. I have worked in several buildings throughout Wayne-Westland and worn many hats in the district. I student taught at Hamilton Elementary, was a Reading Interventionist at Wildwood Elementary, and was a teacher at both David Hicks Elementary and Marshall Upper Elementary. I have been working for EMU Bright Futures since 2015 as a Student Program Instructor and vendor at David Hicks Elementary while being a teacher there during the daytime and continued my position at David Hicks’ Bright Futures while as a teacher at Marshall as well. I am thrilled that I was able to continue working in Wayne-Westland because I love the amazing students, families, and co-workers I get the pleasure of working with daily.

I obtained my Bachelor’s in Education with a Language Arts major from Michigan State University in 2009 and also received my endorsement in Cognitive Impairments K-12 through Eastern Michigan University in 2011. I plan to continue my Master’s in Special Education beginning Winter semester 2019.

Program Description

EMU Bright Futures at Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary serves second, third, fourth and fifth grade students. Our program goals are academic intervention and extensions, social-emotional learning, student voice/choice and active student engagement. Club offerings at R-M include Seasonal Crafts, Engineering Experts, Ultimate Challenge, Helping Hands, Tech Madness and many more! This will be our second year at Roosevelt-McGrath and we have some amazing staff, parents and students. We will continue to strengthen our program this year and try new things!