John Glenn High

John Glenn High

Melissa Calabrese
Site Coordinator

36105 Marquette St, Westland, MI 48185

Melissa Calabrese thoroughly enjoys spending time with the EMU Bright Futures community at JGHS which allows her to work with JGHS students and families, teachers and staff, college students, and community members.  She is passionate about promoting healthy communities through positive student development; and she values the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of motivated and creative individuals whom encourage and prepare students to be successful. Melissa graduated with an English degree from Rutgers University and earned a M.A. from Eastern Michigan University. Some of her professional experiences include working as a New Student College Advisor at Washtenaw Community College and as an EMU GEAR UP Site Director.  She has facilitated team initiatives, taught nutrition and water conservation, as well as photography to community members through programs such as NJPIRG, AmeriCorps, and the Chai Project. She loves having the opportunity to be creative with her students and sincerely appreciates all that she learns from them, too. When not at work, Melissa enjoys riding her bike, exploring the woods, getting lost in a book, and spending time with her family.

Program Description

At John Glenn High School, we strive to offer a positive atmosphere, enriched with supportive staff and community partners, by providing opportunities for high school students to explore, learn, cultivate friendships, and participate in community building and leadership activities. We offer a wide variety of activities to students in all grades to help motivate students to greater social and academic achievement while having a ton of fun. We also seek to help students transition from middle school to high school, and from high school to beyond graduation. We give students opportunities to be leaders, mentors, and community stewards. We offer a positive atmosphere, enriched with supportive staff, by providing engaging activities that promote positive self-growth in our students. EMU Bright Futures students benefit from many programs including homework help, mentoring, field trips, family events, summer programs, and much more.The program runs Monday through Thursday, directly after school until 4:30 p.m. with an extra thirty minutes of “Our Space” time on most days. Programming includes supper, academic time, and a rotating menu of clubs. We also offer a six-week summer program that runs Monday through Thursday from mid-June to late July. Clubs, every day, students attend a club of their choice.  Clubs focus on arts, leadership, culture, recreation, and STEM.

Examples of clubs include:

Creative Writing, Photography, Theater, Computer Coding, TED-style talks, Leaders for Social Change, G.S.A., Flag-football,  Jedi Academy, Breakdancing, Engineering, Bucket Drumming, Languages: Japanese and Sign, Language, D & D, Anime Club, Cooking, NASA club, and College Club.

Community Time

Program begins every day with community building activities to promote a safe, welcoming, and friendly culture.   We strive to increase students’ ability to work in teams, manage emotions, take initiative, be more responsible, use problem solving skills, and focus on empathy.

Opportunities for Families

Family events and trips are frequently offered including the opportunity to go to the theater and sports events, view student work, and share meals together.